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Permaculture meeting in Sweden, totally free
by Ron S
People Making Connections
source: ECOTOPIA

•• May 28, 2001 •• SolarQuest® iNet News Service •• Welcome to Globalgarden's first annual environmental meeting in Sweden, June 16-18 2001!

Two years ago Globalgarden was founded. The idea of the association is to create a network for those grassroots groups and individuals who are working for a green and equal world. That is what we call “a globalgarden”. We know that many people around the globe, like us, are dreaming of a globalgarden. Many of us are working with serious projects to realize a good world for everyone.

Our own project is a permaculture project. We are situated in Mobodarne, a little village in the town of Söderhamn, in the middle of Sweden, 250 kilometres north of Stockholm. Here we are designing a permaculture environment, open to anyone who likes to come and visit us. It is a design for education and inspiration. The idea is to push people to go faster in the necessary change towards a sustainable world.

This summer we have arranged a meeting for people who, like us, are interested in changing the world. We have gotten a grant from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency to carry out the meeting totally free for all participants.

This first meeting will be followed by many more. We plan to set up an application for an environmental network project within the EU-program, Equal. The application must be handed in this summer. Therefore we arranged this first meeting with such short notice.

If you are interested in participating in the meeting, please mail us immediately at . Tell us a little bit about yourself and in what way you are taking action in the green movement. You have to write in English though the meeting will be held in English.

If we give you the green light to come to Sweden, we will pay for your travel, in the cheapest way. If it is possible we would like you to go by train to save energy.

The meeting will be hold in “Växhuset”, our headquarters, in Mobodarne in Söderhamn, during three days ( If you would like to stay in Sweden at your own cost after the meeting, to see more of our country, that is OK. However you have to buy your round trip ticket at home and you will get paid as soon as you arrive and show us your receipt.

Take this chance to meet other “globalgardeners” and to join a green network for a better future. It is totally free!

This is the program for the first annual environmental meeting:

June 15, Friday: You arrive in Söderhamn in the afternoon or evening. We will pick you up with our bus for the fifteen minute drive to Mobodarne and Växhusets course-yard.
For the stay you will need a sleeping bag as we can offer youth-hostel-standard.
You will get supper when you come to Mobodarne.

June 16, Saturday: Breakfast. Opening of the meeting. Presentation. Showing of the course-yard and presentation of the ecological ideas behind and the globalgarden permaculture project.
Lunch. In the afternoon we will go for an excursion in the nearby forest and hill. Vi will tell you about the local flora and fauna as well as the history of our county, Hälsingland.
In the evening we will give time for those of you who like to present your own projects.

June 17, Sunday: All the day we work in small groups. You can join different workshops: Building a solar collector, being creative using nature for inspiration, nature-meditations, presentation and discussion about an Equal-project. We have the breakfast and lunch at the course-yard.
In the evening we go to a fishing village (Skärså) for a dinner by the Baltic Sea.

June 18, Monday: After breakfast we go for a study visit in Trolldalen. A historical place where we can follow the traditional way of making linen out of flax. After lunch we will also visit the old watermill and the smithy and you can buy traditional Swedish handicrafts.
In the afternoon we will go back to Mobodarne to talk about the future and how we can continue to build up co-operation for a globalgarden. After the dinner we finish the meeting.

If you like you can stay the night in the course-yard and leave in Tuesday morning.

We wish you a very warm welcome to Globalgarden in Mobodarne, Hälsingland, Sweden.

Globalgarden association

Ralf Palmpers
Mobodarne 7815
826 93 Söderhamn

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