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NTM: Ann Young, the Green Institute
by Lauren C
NTM I-NetNews Team at the National Town Meeting
source: SolarQuest®

Detroit, Michigan •• May 3, 1999 •• SolarQuest® iNet News Service •• An interview with Ann Young of the Green Institute by Lauren Cipollone.

1.How did you get you and others in the community started on this project?
It all started when a group of people wanted to build a transfer station in the community. Immediately, people reacted to the situation. People in the community thought that it was going to be a big environmental concern because it would be polluting a great deal.
Ann and many other people in the community decided to stop it. For year after year, they protested, but nothing seemed to happen. One night, Ann had a dream. She dreamed of this building. It had solar panels and many other livable resources. The next morning, Ann told her neighbor about her dream, and her neighbor that that it was a great idea. They decided to do it. They sort of had an advantage because they had something that they could present instead of the transfer station and also, it was a lot better. They met with a woman named Cynthia Hamilton, and she said, “What will you do with the land when you win?” From about there, they knew that something was really going to come out of their idea.

2. Who are some of the people behind the institute?
Two of the people were Sam Grant who was helping with creating some of the many jobs that people could get out of this project, and Susan Gust who came up with the Reuse Center which is another one of their projects. Other than that, it was Ann, a few other big smart people who came up with ideas, and the community.

3.What’s the most important lesson that you will benefit from this project?
That when things like this are started and people had a negative outlook on the situation, it is important that people should come out of the situation with a positive attitude.

Another thing that I think is very important in life is that you start something now when your young, rather than to wait until your to old to keep up with it. Keep up with it.

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