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ODW Day 6: Working together
by Jennifer Z
source: Operation Day's Work

George School, Philadelphia, PA •• July 25, 1999 •• SolarQuest® iNet News Service •• Thursday July 22, 1999. Everyone came into today knowing what had happened yesterday, and not wanting it to happen again. The day started with the group that volunteered to be “Student Facilitators.” They had everyone get into groups, and then they played some music. One person would get into the middle of the circle and dance, and everyone in the group had to imitate the person in the middle. It got everyone energized and laughing. A good way to start, following a very stressful day.

Then the delegates broke into their school groups, and wrote down their appreciation for the teachers, facilitators and each school. After each school shared their appreciation the “Structure Group” presented the structure, which was a compilation of each school’s idea. The rest of the delegates approved of it. Then there was a twenty minute break for the facilitators to talk with the student facilitators. During the break each school showed their own ODW videos.

After the break, the student facilitators led the group in a discussion about the structure. The group decided what things could be decided on a local level and what things could be decided on a national level. Then the delegates broke up into random, smaller groups and answered questions posted all around the room. Each question had a student facilitator. Each group took a turn at each question, answering and discussing them. This was the beginning to writing the Constitution. After lunch it was optional to stay. Those that staid would work on the question of their choice. They compiled all the answers, and gave a few different options for the group to vote on. The group got back together before dinner to discuss and vote on the questions. The voting and discussing carried through until after dinner. Because they worked so long and hard, the advisors pushed back bed check time. All but one question was voted on. A group of volunteers would write the Constitution that night. The rest of the group enjoyed there last night together. Bed check was at 12:00.

Concluding Thursday: Today wasn’t easy. The delegates did great! Everything was broken down, and questions where asked, detail was very important. The diversity of the group brought so many different perspectives. A perfect example of what may have happened when the Constitution of the United States was written.

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